Lisa & Nicole! E-session #1

Lisa & Nicole! E-session #1

Posted By On 24 Mar 2015

Okay, so I know the writings in my BLOG have been missing for the last few months, but life for me has been nuts, and my business has grown heaps in the last year keeping me pretty busy (not that thats an excuse to have a vanilla blog).  But despite my 2014 new years resolution to blog more sadly failing, this year I am determined to be a better blogger!  I realize its already March, but hey, it’s never too late to do better.

It isn’t really a long winded, amazing story of how I got connected with Lisa and Nicole; they were looking for a wedding photographer, found my website , loved my work, and felt connected to me as a person (through reading my bio).  I love that one of the reasons they contacted me was because they were able to get a sense of who I was through my bio page, and felt we would mesh well. Which was awesome for me to be able to connect with clients that way (through my bio page), which wasn’t always the case… When I first started my website I had someone tell me that I shouldn’t mention that I was gay, in my bio, because they thought that info was irrelevant to my work.  At the time it really stuck with me and I quickly removed that info. from my bio.  I removed it not because I was ashamed of being gay, but because I believed in the validity that my personal life had no correlation to my work.  I remember meeting clients and when they would ask “are you married?”  I would always say very quickly “yes”, and then change the subject, and I can’t even tell how many times I got this question, “how long have you and your husband been together?”  and honestly sometimes I wouldn’t correct them, and if I did correct them and said “I’ve been with my wife this long.” it was always sort of an awkward moment of realization for my clients, because they really didn’t know anything personal about me.  And although EVERYONE was totally cool about it, I was always, in sorts, guarded about talking about my personal life to clients.  When I redid my website last year I decided it was time to be true to me, and be sort of an open book to my clients.  I decided to tell people I was married to a woman not because being gay defines me, but because it is a huge part of who I am.  And the overwhelming support I got from clients from changing my bio was eyeopening! And since then my relationship with clients has grown tremendously, because now I can speak openly about myself.   And If I have learned anything in the last few years is that part of being a good photographer is having a good relationship with your clients.  Nicole & Lisa were one of the first clients who contacted me shortly after I changed my bio, and the fact that beyond my work, my bio made them feel a connection to me, reaffirmed my choice to live completely openly both personally and professionally!  And I am so happy they found me and we were able to connect!

This is the first of 2 engagement session I have done with Nicole & Lisa, we took these late last fall and even though they were so incredible cute together we had a bit of a wind storm at this session, so sadly there were a lot of really amazing photo’s that were ruined with hair being blown in their faces, dresses flying up, branches falling off trees etc.  But despite the nasty wind, we did get breaks of calm during the session, and here is what we got…Enjoy!

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