Fun stuff!

Fun stuff!

Posted By On 30 Jul 2014



So, I have been kind of busy this year, and blogging has kind of taken a back seat for me.  I have photo’s upon photo’s building on my desktop of shoots that need to be blogged.  So here is just a rapid blog post of some fun non wedding related stuff I have been working on lately!  Enjoy! Penelope-3 Kamryn-35 Kamryn-5 Kamryn-14 Kamryn-46 Maddy-3 Maddy-4 Maddy-12 G&N-12G&N-36 G&N-17 G&N-44 G&N-35Devin-2 Dania-9 Dania-6 Luke-12 will-3 Amel&Rob-3 Andrea-5 Andrea-15 Andrea-23 Gio-8

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