Valentines Boudoir Marathon!

Valentines Boudoir Marathon!

Posted By On 12 Feb 2014

WOW!  I can’t say enough how much fun I had putting on this Marathon!  I loved working with Megan Hodapp, from It’s all in the Details- Megan Hodapp Designs, who did an amazing job styling the space and making it so absolutely gorgeous! I had a blast drinking mimosa’s and hanging out with all the beautiful woman who were a part of my very first boudoir marathon, thank you ladies, you made my boudoir marathon such a success!  I am so hooked on boudoir marathons and I can’t wait to put another one on!!  End of April anyone?!? haha!  Enjoy some of my favorites!  (just an FYI for future clients, I have gotten permission from the following ladies to post these photo’s :P …)

boudoir_marathon-1 boudoir_marathon-2 boudoir_marathon-4 boudoir_marathon-5 boudoir_marathon-8 boudoir_marathon-9 boudoir_marathon-12 boudoir_marathon-17 boudoir_marathon-18 boudoir_marathon-20 boudoir_marathon-25 boudoir_marathon-26 boudoir_marathon-28


Set design- It’s all in the Details-Megan Hodapp Design

Hair stylist- Kasey Herrera

Make-up artist- Melaine Hutton


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