Family photography announcment!

Family photography announcment!

Posted By On 18 Apr 2016


Okay, so 2 big announcements!  And I am going to warn you, they aren’t amazing announcements so I am including this ADORABLE family session to make you smile!

Starting June 2016 I will no longer be accepting any NEW family clients!  I know your starring at the screen yelling ?!WHAT?!  but the time has come where I have reached my family client quota.  I will be booking family sessions but to only those families I have shot with in the past!  I will also still be offering maternity and newborn sessions!

Lastly, I will be raising my portrait and wedding rates on June 1st, 2016!  My portrait sessions will be raised from $250 to $300 for an hour session and my wedding collections will now be starting at $2,100!  BUT here is some good news!!! For a limited time, I will be selling gift certificates (until June) for 1 hour sessions for only $200!  Gift certificates are good for 1 year and are limited to 2 gift certificates per person!  They make awesome gifts too!!  If your interested in purchasing a gift certificate drop me an email!


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