Anderson family photo’s & new arrival baby Gia!

Anderson family photo’s & new arrival baby Gia!

Posted By On 19 Aug 2015

So Kasey I don’t consider a friend, she is definitely more of a sister to me, our older brothers met in Kindergarden and became good friends so our moms met and instantly became best friends (they still are to this day!).  And well, since our moms were best friends we would do everything with Kasey’s family; hang out at each others houses, vacation together, we even lived together!  We grew up more like sisters than friends, and so I introduce her to people as “my sister!”   So this is my sister Kasey and her lovely family!  I absolutely love her and her beautiful little family, and I so glad they asked me to do their maternity photo’s.  We decided to go to Capitol park and play around with all the flowers!  The day couldn’t have been better, sunny and bright and the girls flower dresses were so cute and perfect for spring!!  Here was our time together… Love you Anderson Family!

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Introducing baby Gia-Marie!

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