Baby Willow!

Baby Willow!

Posted By On 15 Aug 2015

I LOVE shooting with baby Willow, not only is she so absolutely adorable but also because there is never a dull moment at our sessions, haha, she must go through every single emotion there is in the time frame of a session!  Which makes the photos that much better!  Jen probably has tons of crying photo’s of Willow from all our sessions, because even when Willow cries she is so cute!  Not only do I have so much fun shooting (photographing?!?) Willow, but whenever I go to sit down and edit her pictures I am usually in tears laughing at all her cute facial expressions!  Here’s baby Willow and all her adorableness at her valentine session!  willow-2 willow-5 willow-6 willow-7 willow-8 willow-9 willow-11

Here is baby Willow a couple months later at her first year cake smash session!

Willow_1yr-2 Willow_1yr-8 Willow_1yr-5 Willow_1yr-7 Willow_1yr-11 Willow_1yr-10 Willow_1yr-15 Willow_1yr-13 Willow_1yr-14 Willow_1yr-16 Willow_1yr-37 Willow_1yr-38 Willow_1yr-39 Willow_1yr-20 Willow_1yr-21 Willow_c1 Willow_1yr-23 Willow_1yr-25 Willow_1yr-26 Willow_1yr-27 Willow_1yr-28 Willow_1yr-36 Willow_1yr-29 Willow_1yr-30 Willow_1yr-32 Willow_1yr-34 Willow_1yr-40 Willow_1yr-41

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